Four Words

by Alive Again

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Four Words, the debut-EP by Alive Again.


released April 4, 2014

Thanks to Job Zijlstra, Jeroen Dammers, Jurrian van Loo and Stefan Unknown for being so cool.

Artwork by Tom, THANKS!

Additional vocals on ‘This Is The Season’, and ‘This Is Forever’ by: Jeroen Dammers, Stefan Bonestroo, Stefan Unknown, Matthias Rekers and Matthijs Spiekman.

Alive Again is:
Marijn te Flierhaar
Rik van der Meulen
Job Zijlstra
Stefan Unknown
Jeroen Dammers




all rights reserved


Alive Again Nunspeet, The Netherlands

Alive Again is a hard working, extremely energetic poppunk band from Holland.

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Track Name: Take Me, Bend Me, Break Me
A silence sweeping me away
from the guilty pleasures I obey,
they seem to make me fall apart.
And I've been making such big mistakes
when it comes to love, when it comes to grace,
when it comes to building a better place.

I’ve been trying just to hide the things that keep me going.
Though they seem to take me, bend me then break me.
But nobody wants that to happen, nobody wants that to happen.

If I’m lost in time and space
you pull me back, I bring you praise.
You know exactly what I’ve been up to,
you know exactly what goes on.
I find it hard to believe,
that you don’t need to receive
a little thing from me, the slightest little thing.
Track Name: This Is Forever
Your cities are built upon my hands
I am forever, you will be forever.
The great depths of the sea, the fire beneath
This is forever, this is forever.

If I’d be counting down the days, how long would it take me?

I’d close my eyes before I’d look into yours, but I won’t run away.
But would you open the door? Would you let me back in?
You’re the air I breathe.

The waves are crashing in.
They’re pulling me under, you’re pulling me under.
We’re all trying to escape from the cages we’re living in.

The poison has found its way through my body.
And I feel so numb...

The past is haunting me then I couldn’t see the path in front of me.
But things turned around
and I’ve been found.
You clean up the mess I’ve made.
Track Name: Upon Solid Ground
We are free, we are the ones you want to be
We are the new generation.

We’ve paved these roads with our own rough hands
And now we’ve got our feet upon solid ground.

We’re not flesh and bones anymore
The fire lives within us and we’re unstoppable.
And if you try to bring us down,
Your friends will have to find you under the ground.

So far away, so far away.
You watch us burn, you watch us leave them all behind.
‘Cause were so
So selfish
No one cares, no one cares, no one cares at all.

Enemies, they try to throw away the key.
But they are too blind to see that there’s danger beneath.
The bridge they stand upon, for it will soon go down.

Now everything starts crumbling down,
As if the foundations were made of paper.
Track Name: This Is The Season
Will the grass get any greener?
The trees have been without their leaves,
For far too long.

And it’s driving me insane,
You promised that it would be summer by now.
You promised it’d be summer by now.

Where have you been all this time?
I’ve been feeling down,
Since you left me alone in this boring town.
So tell me now what do you want from me?
Is it my worthless time or am I worthless?
Worthless at all?

I’ve been waiting for the summer,
I’ve been waiting for your smile.
It’s worth a while.

But now everything has turned to gold.
And I’m still wondering if this is real,
Or just another dream.

Do I really see what my eyes perceive,
Or am I just hallucinating?

This is the season that makes me come to life again.
This is the season that makes me.
Track Name: I'll Come Back For You
We are silver,
There’s nothing we’re afraid of,

We are shining bright,
let the love inside your bloodstream.
Let it run through your body,
inside your heart.

We’ve broken all our promises
and you try to erase,
the memories of our good lifes
but never will I waste
another chance to fix your broken heart.

Moving slowly,
It’s breaking me down
Inside my body.
‘Cause your eyes they see right through me
And your alcohol is deadly but,
I am not scared of you anymore.
So think again.

And I’m so scared that you might leave me,
Here alone.
And I am living with the memories,
‘Cause I’m nothing without them,
I’m nothing without you.