Always Forward

by Alive Again

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Alive Again is:
Marijn te Flierhaar
Rik van der Meulen
Jeroen Dammers
Job Zijlstra

All songs written and performed by Alive Again
Recorded and mixed by Marijn te Flierhaar
Mastered by Rik van der Meulen

Artwork by Rik van der Meulen
Photography by Roel Riphagen


released December 9, 2015

We'd like to thank:
Mike Borghs of Mad Addiction Bookings
Roel Riphagen for his photography
Our friends in The Press and The President

Marien Huijssoon, Alwin van der Knijff, Stefan Bonestroo and Harold Bergsma for helping us out with gangvocals.

As It Is, Trophy Eyes, John Coffey, Forever Came Calling, The Swellers, Trash Boat, Light You Up, Alicewell and many more.



all rights reserved


Alive Again Nunspeet, The Netherlands

Alive Again is a hard working, extremely energetic poppunk band from Holland.

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Track Name: Always Forward
swinging around
you told me nothing about
how things were going
i guess it's showing

that all i see
is somewhere buried
deep inside my conciousness
the way things are going
apparently i'm growing up

i'm always reachting for the top

i don't want to see you all give up on me
'cause i won't let you down
i've got nothing more to offer you
'cause i've got better things to do

the people i meet
they're giving up to succeed
and for some reason
they are somwhere buried
deep inside my conciousness

but i don't want them
to be there
they're not worthy of my time

six o'clock in the morning
i'm about to wake up
to watch all of my dreams come true

'cause my dreams are nothing like the
cigarettes i smoke i won't let them
turn to ash
Track Name: Can't Argue
you've been the one
i've always despised
over the last few years
you wouldn't compromise
and always the same excuses you make
the flaws you uncover
are the stains in your own eyes

i'll just ignore the envy
you feel towards me
atleast i'm not the one who's
always second in place

still the lines are so vaguely drawn
and i'm so worn out
'cause i've been up 'till dawn
your words are quite tempting
but they're mostly lies
it seems the flaws you can uncover are
due to my bad eyes

you'll be the last one
keeping up with my pace
and no one around you
will truly care about you anymore

your opinions are shocking
and i know that you're blocking
everyone around you who lends
their helping hand
but it's your own heart
that makes you so freezing cold
even despite the fact
you've always been rather bold

open both of your eyes and look into the mirror
i hope you'll find out it's all in your head
Track Name: Reset
i've been busy
wandering off to find a
new beginning
tying all the end together
hoping it would bring me back
to where i started
so i could reset my life

i lost my mind in space
there's no one
who can save me now
from my lack of faith
my body crippled down
i almost reached
the end of my timeline

you know that
i know that you know why
every single thing went wrong
in the past few years
the past cast upon me
a spell neverending
a part of me is dead

i hope your backbone's gone
and you fall through the floor
the next time you'll come
knocking at my door
Track Name: Impact
a small step back would leave me
empty without you
to turn my back on this
is not what i would do

i never thought that i could
change my life alone
still everybody knows they are
leaving something buried in the cold

the way the world wants us to be
we only watch tv
does not sound any good to me
you told me to leave you alone now

everything changes when we turn into
monsters like all of you

take it back
don't tell me you meant
what you said that day
'cause choices made can change
the life of you and me

if you don't compromise
i'll always be the one you despise
i can assure you
you're the first one who's
running back home
Track Name: Office Hours
hour after hour i've been fighting
but i can't say i'm moving forward
this computer screen is driving me insane
i've been out of inspiration
now where's my motivation

but i will never let you
get the best of me
oh can't you see

i need you
to tell me what i am worth
spit out and useless
is all i ever hear
don't you tell me
they're wrong though
don't you tell me that
we're all aboard a sinking ship

i'm not okay
i feel my heart fade away
i wish i would never stay the same

still the people i meet
on these streets full of greed
despondent they seem
in their eyes i can't read
a single sparkle of hope
no passion to grow
out of shells they retain their
beauty to show